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Do you want your independence back but don’t know where to start? Do you want to get behind the wheel and driving again but think you won’t be allowed or able?  Contact us and our friendly team of experienced solutions consultants and we will work with you and your OT to find the best solution for your needs to get you mobile and independent.  We can also help you with funding submissions such as the Victorian State Wide Equipment Program (SWEP) and Australian Design Rule (ADR) Exemptions.

Recently there has been the introduction of an Australia wide funding called the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) which will be able to provide funding for all types of solutions required for your individual needs.  We will be able to help you in understanding the NDIS and how it works as well as helping you to get the solutions required for your needs passed through the funding scheme with our on hand experts.

Depending on your requirement and if you are trying to achieve funding we are able to provide you with a casual “drop in” no obligation assessment/product trial where you can trial a few products or use our Driver Test Station to see where you are at in terms of ability.  If required by your funding body or registration authority we can also perform a full Assessment/Evaluation service leading to a report (if required) which forms part of the process to facilitate arranging the right vehicle with modifications to suit your needs, we can work with your current Occupational Therapist (OT) and can also recommend some great friendly OT’s that we work with as well.  We can do this in the comfort of your premises or you are welcome to visit our showroom/workshop where you will have an almost unlimited combination of options and product selections to choose from and trial.

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