Mobility Engineering is a reputable team of passionate and dedicated people focused on bringing safe and suitable transport solutions for all walks of life.  We specialize in helping those who are not as independent as many of us, with a strong focus on those who are challenged with Mobility, Children and likeminded passionate vehicle owners. 

We offer a range of services all focused on getting you and your products safely into vehicles, compliant and registered. 

We specialise in and offer Australia’s largest range of Mobility Adaptation Products for vehicles, with solutions for almost every Mobility challenge, our range of products will ensure that no matter your ability and strength, we can get you driving and enjoying the independence you deserve!  Some people may call this “Disabled” or a “Disability” but we do not see anything as hindrance to your ability, we see it as a challenge to get you on the road and independent. 

We are committed to offering all of our goods and services Australia-wide, our passionate consultants will travel anywhere in the country to provide are operate and strongly support a national network of installers/agents who can locally fit all the products we offer.  


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The mobility industry strengthening communities together


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Creating connections - Unlocking potential - Growing people’s worlds


Safe: we are safe people ensuring safe outcomes; your safety is our obsession

Free: we believe freedom is key to flourishing; mobility is the path to independence

Kind: we are generous givers of time and energy; we show courtesy and compassion

Good: we are positive people; we find the good in any circumstance

Fun: we balance productivity and celebration; our passion for life overflows

Community: Everything we do is in pursuit of community; of fairness, friendship and growth


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We are a provider of well engineered products and services.