Expert Witness Services

Mobility Engineering has been offering expert witness services to the automotive and mechanical industry for over 20 years.  Our team of engineers has a combined 60+ years of experience amongst them and can offer impartial, objective and unbiased expert witness services for court reports, supporting evidence, court case appearances, arbitration, tribunal and fair trading hearings.  We can support individuals who are trying to achieve justice for defective vehicle work, component installation etc.  Being out-of-box thinkers and innovative engineers, we are able to provide services to a wide range of industries and backgrounds, not just automotive, so please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will happily work with you to find the best outcome based on our expertise.  The following is a range of expert witness fields and cases we have worked on:

  • Component failure eg. defective or cracked towbar, failed truck body mounts etc.
  • Mechanical repair and engine/driveline failure – if your mechanical repair work has not been conducted property and the vehicle continues to be defective.
  • Panel beating and painting failure analysis – the vehicle has not been repaired or painted to the factory or expected industrial standards.
  • Defective product/component installation – eg a winch has not been wired correctly resulting in blown vehicle fuses and computers, an aftermarket seat that is not installed correctly resulting in a cracked vehicle floorpan.
  • Vehicle rebirth or write off’s.  You have purchased a vehicle that may have been rebirthed or written off previously.
  • Heavy Vehicle Failure. Eg cracked truck chassis, failed coupling or kingpins or 5th wheels, incorrect body or tray mounting etc.

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