04 . New Braunability Turny 6-Way

04 . New Braunability Turny 6-Way

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July 30, 2020

We take a look at the new Turny 6-Way from Braunability!

04 . New Braunability Turny 6-Way

New Braunability Turny 6-Way

The Turny 6-Way makes it easy to get from the wheelchair to the front seat and vice versa. As the name suggests the seat lift can move in 6 directions; up, down, forward, backward as well as rotate left to right. This means that you can bring the seat backwards, rotate it to face the inside of the car and set to your desired height.

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Basically, you move the seat into an optimal position for you to transfer to and from your wheelchair. Once seated you have the luxury of using the controls to position yourself exactly as you like. The Turny 6-Way can be installed on the driver's side as well as on the passenger's side.


Doing a transfer between the Turny 6-Way and your wheelchair is most likely the easiest transfer you will ever do. Use the Turny 6-Way to move the seat to the best position for you to transfer from. Then adjust the height so that you transfer slightly downwards. Transferring downwards requires less muscular strength and is therefore much easier to perform.

You get the same advantage of transferring downwards when going from seat to wheelchair by simply raising the Turny 6-Way above your wheelchair’s seat height.


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