Carfix 5-Point Harness

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Carfix Magnetic Harnesses

The 5 Point Seat harness is a postural support harness perfect for those with limited upper body strength and support. All straps on the 5 Point Seat Harness are adjustable to help to evenly distribute the load of the occupant so that they are more supported and experience less pressure in certain parts of their upper body. 

The 5 Point Seat Harness and its occupant are held in place by the use of the vehicle’s original seat and seat belt, meaning that it can be installed in the   vehicle without any modification and transferred to other vehicles with ease. The 5-Point Harness uses a front buckle with easy adjustment to shoulder, lap and crotch straps, making it easy for to secure the passenger. Additionally, the harness is highly versatile, as it can be transfered to other vehicles and seats with relative ease. 

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