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Mobility Engineering has been involved in the Australian Vehicle Imports industry for over 20 years and has vast experience in all the vehicle import schemes.  All vehicle imports must first pass through the current federal department of transport, this link provides an overview of how importing vehicles into Australia works and what options you have available.  For those not experienced in this process it can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing to understand and complete the various import processes, our highly experienced team can help you gain compliance no matter what the scheme or import process, please contact our office to discuss your vehicle imports needs. 

Are you an importer of vehicles? We can also assist you in your import business by providing ADR Testing, RAWS or New Low Volume Vehicle Evidence Packages and updates as you require.

The following provides our expertise and experience in the vehicle imports sector:

Are you a RAW or thinking of joining the RAWS?  We provide a comprehensive consulting service for a RAW.  We can provide ISO certification and audits* (Link to our audits page) and we can also provide Complete Evidence Packages, evidence updates or just test reports.  We can also train you to complete your own evidence updates. 

Mobility Engineering also operates a RAW itself with a small range of vehicle we can comply, for our latest list of vehicles we can comply please follow this link

*Our auditors will remain completely independent and objective and will not be working with the consultants when you engage us in order to remain independent.

Through many years of extensive experience we can assist you in your IPA application and evidence development process.  We are recognised by RVCS as an Agent, you can hold all the approvals in your name and we can act as an authorised agent to complete your application and evidence submission in the right time.  We can provide you with evidence documentation, test reports and ongoing evidence updates.  We also have 3 recognised and registered 0-4-5 signatories which can provide final 0-4-5 certificate sign off for your New Low Volume compliance vehicle.

If you have imported a vehicle as per the “pre 1989” imports scheme or “Regulation 17A” we can provide full compliance inspection and certification for these vehicles in order to achieve registration.  The vehicle will have to be assessed against the applicable ADR’s at the year of manufacture for the vehicle.  Our process involves an in-depth assessment of your vehicle with a report of “missing” or “to do” items being identified.  We can then work with you to rectify these items to bring the vehicle to Australian Standards and ADR’s.  We can assist you to complete the required work yourself or we can find you people who are able to do it for you.  Once the vehicle is brought in-line with the relevant standards then we can issue a final engineers certificate and registration.

In most of the low volume cases above, a vehicle must be available on the Specialist and Enthusiasts Vehicle (SEVS) Register.  Our engineers have extensive experience and understanding in gaining approval to be on the SEVS register.  If you have a vehicle that you are thinking about importing but it is not on the SEVS register then please contact us to discuss the vehicle and we will advise you if it can be added to the register or not. The latest register is here

Mobility Engineering has been involved in many imported vehicles for personal, special purpose as well as test and evaluation.  We have also conducted the test and evaluation process of assessing the vehicle against relevant standards, for many clients.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and project.

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