Testing and Analysis

Mobility Engineering has a fully equipped vehicle and component testing facility.  We are a registered national test facility with the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport, we can perform and conduct testing in accordance with Australian Design Rules (ADR’s) listed below as well as Australian Standards (AS).  We are also able to test your designed ROPS, FOPS or OPG devices to all relevant standards including the various stringent mining standards.

We have a range of test equipment including the Race logic VBOX, Auto test Brake tester, various range of load cells, dial gauges, calibrated weights, accelerometers, oscilloscope, one of Australia’s only H-Point machines, hydraulic rams and push/pull cylinders, head impact form with pendulum.

We also have the latest technology in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software which we can use to analyse various components and brackets when in development and to assist in the design of the product.

All of our test documentation and evidence documentation is written in accordance with state and federal guidelines to ensure you get them through all government processes as per requirements with minimal delays.

Are you an engineer or certifier?  We also offer our testing facility for hire, you can conduct testing for your clients using our test facility and equipment, all of which is calibrated to the highest standards with appropriate records available for your audit purposes.  Please contact us to discuss your testing and equipment requirements and we can offer an attractive rental rate for our test facility and equipment.

We are registered and have the ability to test and write documentation the following Australian Design Rules (ADR’s):

1/- – Reversing Lamps.

2/- - Side Door Latches and Hinges.

3/- – Seats and Seat Anchorages.

4/- - Seatbelts

5/- – Anchorages for seatbelts.

6/- – Direction Indicators.

8/- – Safety Glazing Material.

11/- - Internal Sun Visors

13/- – Installation of Lighting and Light Signalling Devices on other than L-Group Vehicles.

14/- – Rear Vision Mirrors.

18/- – Instrumentation.

19/- – Installation of Lighting and Light Signalling Devices on L Group Vehicles

21/- - Instrument Panel

22/- - Head Restraints

28/- – External Noise of Motor Vehicles.

30/- – Smoke Emission Control for Diesel Vehicles.

31/- – Brake Systems for Passenger Cars.

33/- – Brake Systems for Motorcycles and Mopeds

34/- – Child Restraint Anchorages and Anchor Fittings

35/- – Commercial Vehicle Brake Systems.

38/- - Trailer Brake Systems

42/- – General Safety Requirements.

43/- – Vehicle Configurations and Dimensions.

44/- – Specific Purpose Vehicle Requirements.

45/- – Lighting & Light-signalling Devices not covered By ECE Regulations.

46/- – Headlamps Vol 1 & 2.

47/- – Retro Reflectors.

50/- – Front Fog Lamps.

51/- – Filament Lamps. 

53/- – Front and Rear Position Lamps, Stop Lamps, Direction Indicators and Rear Registration Plate Lamps for L-Group Vehicles.

55/- – Headlamps for Motor Cycles.

57/- – Special Requirements for L-Group Vehicles.

61/- – Vehicle Markings.

62/- – Mechanical Connections Between Vehicles.

74/- – Side Marker Lamps.

75/- – Headlamp Cleaners.

78/- – Gas Discharge Light Sources.

83/- – External Noise.

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