When operating in environments such as mining, construction and forestry sites, safety is consistently deemed to be the top priority. When in such hazardous environments, vehicle operators are at constant risk from their vehicle rollovers or heavy falling objects.  Without the right protection, such accidents can cause serious injuries or even death.  Mobility Engineering offers protection for these scenarios with our experience and expertise in the following fields, we can design the solution from scratch.  In our extensive Test facility we can test the unit it in accordance with the required guidelines, either ADR, VSB14 (LK8) or any mine spec standards.  Once tested we can manufacture, install and certify the installed unit, we can provide modification plates, vsccs compliance certificates or VSB 14 LK8 certification.  If you have the ability to do some of this process yourself and do not want us to do the whole thing, we are able to assist and help you on any step along the process.

ROPS provide protection for the vehicle operator in the case of a roll over incident.  This is achieved by strengthening the vehicle’s potential for energy absorption.  The aim of the ROPS system is to limit the destruction of a vehicle cabinet in the case of a rollover accident and protect the occupant.  There are a variety of different ROPS structures, such as roll cages, bars or hoops.  ROPS are extensively used in various industries, such as mining, forestry and agriculture.

A FOPS system provides protection for a vehicle’s occupants using an engineered reinforcement installed onto a vehicle roof or ceiling structure to reduce possible injuries in the case of a falling object.  An example of such can be a cage around a tractor to prevent damage from branches, rocks and other falling objects.  These protection systems are extensively used in the forestry and mining industries.

Occupant Protection Guards (OPG) is a commonly used within the Forest and Forestry industries.  They act in a similar manner to the FOPS systems, but act around the entire occupant cabin and occupant space.  They are designed to stop an object suddenly entering the cabin.

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