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Are you a special needs products manufacturer?

Will your product complement our suite of products?

Do you want to increase your market share and have access to Australia’s largest network of disability convertors and modifiers, and growing?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions above then you should probably be talking to us!

Mobility Engineering has a tried and tested product marketing, support, sales and distribution strategy for the Australian disability Market.  We have worked over many years to form Australia’s largest dedicated network of installers and sub-dealers.  We provide our network with robust technical support in sales, marketing, installation and vehicle certification, we operate a call centre that users and dealer can contact to resolve any issues and ensure they are providing the correct installation, marketing and product material.  We carefully screen all our dealers to ensure only the best is representing us and your product.  We back all the products and cover warranty and resolve customer and dealer issues on a local level with communication and feedback to the manufacturer and supplier.  If you think your product would complement our range of products in Australia’s largest network of disability installers with support that is second to none, then please contact to discuss options.

We are currently the sole exclusive Australian Distributor for the following companies and offer our robust suite of services on their behalf for the Australian Public:

  • Braunability
  • Tripod Mobility Holland
  • Kivi Mobility Italy
  • Autolift Italy
  • FAT DC pedal controls Holland
  • Bruno Independent Living Aids USA
  • Carfix Denmark

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