Design and Development


Whatever the project, being automotive or not, our team of experienced engineers, designer and fabricators can work together to design, develop and produce any component or solution you require.  No component too small, no vehicle too large, we have complex computer software, fully equipped fabrication facilities including Milling, Lathe, Mig/Tig/Stick welding, Plasma cutting, bending facilities.  We undertake a number of steps to ensure you can achieve the best solution at the most efficient price, don’t forget that we can do the entire process for you below or any of the parts of the process on its own, we work with you the way you like to work best:

Research and Development

We undertake a fresh thought and brainstorming process with all our engineers and your team to identify practical and effective solutions.  We have extensive experience in researching and developing new systems, components and vehicles for various applications.


Our team will get onto the business of designing the solution required including CAD drawings and written specifications, subsequent to the Research and Development phase.

Fabrication, Implementation, Improvement

With our highly skilled fabrication team, we will bring the design to life, putting it together piece by piece and then implementing it in use to see if it works as intended and required.  We can make any improvements and changes that are needed.

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