Amusement Ride Testing and Certification

amusement rides

Amusement Parks and Rides are nationally and increasingly being scrutinised by governments from a federal to a local council level. The increase in availability of cheap and affordable amusement rides from Asia is a fantastic opportunity for the people of Australia to either be able to start new amusement ride businesses with less start-up cost and brings much more choice and variety of rides to the Australian user. 

All public rides, amusement games and carnival rides will require some form of registration or certification.  Depending on your jurisdiction a suitably experienced and recognised engineer may have to be involved in part of the set up and implementation process.

Mobility Engineering has the qualifications and experience for performing these engineering inspections and providing any part of the process you require or just let us manage the whole thing for you!  We can conduct initial inspections, factory audits, design registration, installation inspection and ongoing maintenance/annual inspections.  Mobility Engineering’s amusement ride engineers have considerable experience in testing amusement park components and determining the overall safety of amusement device and its compliance with the relevant standards. We have be involved in the design, test and/or certification of a diverse range of different amusement devices including mechanical bulls to mini-trains, jumping castles, adventure/commando parks with ZIP Line ride, dunk tanks, and indoor skydiving facilities.

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