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Revolutionary Docking System will set new standards for flexibility and safety!        

Dahl Engineering’s newly developed electric Docking System provides a hitherto unseen flexibility and safety for wheelchair users. The Docking System is the first system on the market to be tested and TÜV certified in accordance with EU safety requirements for cars (M1) with an electric wheelchair which has a weight of 150 kg and integrated lap belt. In testing, the docking station has proved to be so strong that it can withstand a load corresponding to a wheelchair weight of more than 200 kg + passenger provided that the safety belt is installed in the traditional manner in the floor of the vehicle.

The wheelchair docking system is commonly used in Drive from Wheelchair Cars but is also very popular for passengers travelling in their wheelchairs as it allows the user to be secured into the car safely and swiftly with no stress, the system is easily operated by a one button release from the front and rear of the car.

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For further information on the Dahl Docking Station please download the brochure here or contact Mobility Engineering and speak with one of our friendly staff members.

The wheelchair docking plate AKE 04 allows both manual and electric wheelchairs to be secured to the car floor, for those who want to drive from their own wheelchair and for those who want to be passengers.

The wheelchair docking plate AKE 04 is available both in electric and manual models.

In the electric version, the chair is docked automatically and released by pushing a button located in a convenient position for the user, usually on the dashboard. The plate is equipped with a safety system which warns the user with a beep in the event of wrong docking and with a lever for manual release in case of emergency.


In the manual version, instead, releasing is done by a lever located on the plate.

The wheelchair docking plate AKE 04 is CE-marked, crash tested, meets the Directive ISO 10542-1, and, in the electrical version, also EMC tested. This product has a 3 year warranty from invoice date.

If you would like to download the brochure for the Kivi Docking Station click here or you can call and ask for one of our friendly staff.

The Easy Pull is designed to pull a wheelchair and passenger into a vehicle and directly secure the wheelchair. This elimi-nates the caretaker from physically pushing and securing a wheelchair inside a vehicle.

Easy Pull

Because the EasyPull is not only a winch but also a front restraint system, it has been tested and approved according to the ISO 10542 requirements. Another important safety feature is the indication buzzer. The buzzer will make a sound when the belts are locked and the wheelchair is in the right position.

The quick release tongue and buckle, which connect the wheelchair to the EasyPull, can always be released, even when there is no power.

If you would like to download the brochure for the Easy Pull click here or you can call and ask for one of our friendly staff.

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