Use the wheelchair lift designed just for utes. Connect the Out-Rider to your mobility device, and press the button to lift and rotate your wheelchair, scooter or powerchair into the truck bed.

Bruno's Out-Rider Is Uniquely Designed For Utes

  • Hoist-style lift specifically for utes
  • Power lift, rotate, lower mobility device
  • Standard and heavy-duty lift capacities
  • Easy to remove and reinstall on another applicable vehicle
  • Fast operation
  • Rugged, reliable design withstands harsh weather
  • Hand-held control for easy use
  • Variety of outer arms for different cab models


Download the Out-Rider Brochure here.

Count on Bruno's Big-Lifter affordable reliability. Press a button and the hoist-style lift raises your scooter or powerchair. Manually rotate and guide your mobility device into your vehicle, and you're ready to go.  

Bruno's Big-Lifter Offers Big Value

  • Power lifting/lowering
  • Manual rotation of mobility device 
  • Load from side of vehicle
  • Potential to reinstall in applicable vehicle
  • Vehicle-specific design
  • Fold-down lift head allows partial 3rd row seating or extra space when mobility device is not present (optional quick release pins required)

Big Lifter

Download the Big Lifter Brochure here.

Solve the problem of limited trunk space. Use the economical take-apart Bruno Space-Saver to transport a small scooter or wheelchair lift when your vehicle has limited trunk space or a hatchback. Assemble the lift, connect the docking device, push a button and the Space-Saver automatically lifts your mobility device. 

Bruno's Take-Apart Space-Saver For Light Mobility Devices

  • Lightweight, hoist-style lift 
  • Affordable
  • Small trunk/cargo hatch friendly
  • Take apart lift
  • Power raise/lower and manual rotation
  • Potential to reinstall in another applicable vehicle

Space Saver

Download the Space-Saver Brochure here.

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