HAL Seating Fixture

A removable seat fixture suited to the community transport market. One single hand operation per fixture is all it takes to release the seat from the rail, so it can be either relocated or removed depending on the needs. 

Transport wheels for moving seats outside the vehicle are available as an accessory as the integrated wheel is only designed for use within the vehicle.


  • Built-in handle for easy grip 
  • HAL is easy to release from the rail with a single hand operation
  • Rear anchorage technology allows the fastening system to be set and secured at the back of the seat 
  • Noise-free fixing for passenger and driver comfort 
  • Integrated wheel to easily place in the rail (this wheel is only designed for use inside the vehicle)
  • “Tamper-proof” mechanism can be used to further secure the seat in the vehicle
  • HAL fits all types of seats and rails
  • Exceeds the requirements of M1 approvals on individual seats.  
  • 3 year Warranty
  • Transport wheels available as an option to allow you to easily move seats outside the vehicle.

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