Person lift system

Sling transfer system

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The Person lift is designed to carry someone from a wheelchair into the seat of the vehicle.  By utilising a sling for the transfer the lift eliminates the strain put on the carer for transfers while safely transferring the occupant into the seat.  Once you have completed the transfer the Person lift can then be stored securely in the boot of the vehicle.

It uses a pivoting arm to optimise the transfer space with easy to use attachment points for the transfer sling.  For larger vehicles there is the Combi person lift that incorporates a lifting cylinder allowing the occupant to reach higher seats.

There is also an easy to use mobile vehicle bracket that allows you to use the Person lift without ever modifying the vehicle and allows the product to be easily transferred between vehicles.

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Key features of the Person lift include:

  • Fixed or mobile vehicle brackets
  • Left or Right side applications
  • Combi option available for higher vehicles
  • Sling sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • Easy to use push-button handset
  • Can also be used inside the home either
    with a mobile frame or fixed wall bracket
  • EMC tested and CE marked

For further information on the Person lift please download the brochure or contact Mobility Engineering and speak with one of our friendly staff members.






For further information on the Kivi Person Lift please download the brochure here or contact Mobility Engineering and speak with one of our friendly staff members.

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