6 Way Swivel Systems

Swivel seat designed for internal transfers from your wheelchair

770x320 6waybase

The 6-way base is a swivel seat system that enables an easy transfer from the wheelchair into a safe and secure front driver or passenger position in the vehicle.  Suited for vehicles with a flat floor entry into the front seating positions the 6-way base allows the driver to move forwards, backwards, rotate to 140 degrees as well as moving up and down to match the height of your wheelchair.

The 6-way base has also been crash tested giving you peace of mind while travelling in the vehicle.

The key features of the 6-way base include:

  • Forward, backwards, up and down movement
  • 140 degree rotation
  • Easy to use toggle switches
  • Ability to install the vehicles original seat onto the base
  • Complete stability inside the vehicle
  • Footrest available as an option
  • Crash test approved in all driving positions
  • Available for both the driver and passenger seating positions

For further information on the 6-way base please download the brochure here or contact Mobility Engineering and speak with one of our friendly staff members.

Doing a transfer between the Turny 6-Way and your wheelchair is most likely the easiest transfer you will ever do. Use the Turny 6-Way to move the seat to the best position for you to transfer from. Then adjust the height so that you transfer slightly downwards.

Transferring downwards requires less muscular strength and is therefore much easier to perform. You get the same advantage of transferring downwards when going from seat to wheelchair by simply raising the Turny 6-Way above your wheelchair’s seat height.


transfer 770x500 2

Download the brochure for the Turny 6-Way here.

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