DTS - Driver Assessment

Test station to assess and monitor drivers past and current abilities

770x320 dts

The Driver Test Station is an assessment tool used to assess and monitor a drivers abilities when it comes to using assisted driving controls. 

The Driver Test Station is used to prepare a driver for the forces and reactions required for driving before the driver can move on to a driving simulator or driving assessment which is normally done inside a learner vehicle.  The unit is fitted with multiple sensors that detect and assess the drivers various functions such as arm strength, reaction times etc.

Equipped with multiple assisted driving aid options, the driver and assessor (eg O.T./Medical Practitioner) has the opportunity to try the various options available before choosing which device will work best for their needs.  The test station is also portable and can be used in any environment where the driver is comfortable with and enables you to remove the stresses and distractions involved in a real world driving scenario so that the focus can be on the physical and driving capabilities.

The test station can also be used for rehabilitation scenarios where the driver can practice and build up their strength and ability prior to getting on the road.  The test station will provide the driver with a report of their current capabilities that can be then be used to track their progress of rehabilitation and identify any areas that may need to be worked on further to get the driver confidently back on the road and behind the steering wheel.

The DTS is the most comfortable and safe way to test your ability to drive!

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