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The BodyGuard is a safety device for cars that are modified for wheelchair users. It is designed to protect the user in case of a rear-collision.

Even though the wheelchair is usually sufficiently secured to the car, it isn’t built to protect the user in case of a rear impact, because it lacks back and neck support. The BodyGuard is foldable back support that has specifically been designed to offer the same protection that a good car seat would.

Technical specifications

  • Compact and universal. Can be fitted in basically any car.
  • Fully adjustable. Can be used in combination with basically all wheelchairs.
  • Can be folded to the side of the car, for unobstructed rearview and luggage space.
  • Extensively strength-tested, to guarantee the safety of the user.

For further information on the Bodyguard please download the brochure here or contact Mobility Engineering and speak with one of our friendly staff members.

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