19. New Range of Auto Cool and B & S Products

19. New Range of Auto Cool and B & S Products

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March 30, 2020

Make sure to check out the new range of products that we can supply!

19. New Range of Auto Cool and B & S Products

We can now supply you with a new range of products that can make entering, exiting and traveling in a vehicle much more simple, safe comfortable! These new ranges include products from the Auto Cool brand as well as B & S, we are now supplied with an array of different steps, sliding doors, air conditioner units, hoists and harnesses.

B & S:

Beyond our normal range, we can now offer a selection of B & S products of which includes a winch that allow you to easily stow your mobility device and seat the passenger in the rear of your vehicle. This is a suitable alternative when the mobility device cannot be lifted or hoisted into the vehicle, or if transferring the occupant from wheelchair to vehicle seat has become too difficult.

Winch BS

Auto Cool:

We also provide several products from Auto Cool! Air conditioner units that can we installed to work throughout the rear of the vehicle so that the back passengers are still able to travel in comfort are available as well as sliding doors that automatically shut once the vehicle reaches a certain speed, adding an extra layer of safety and convenience to your vehicle.

Sliding Door

Get in touch with us today to see if any of these products would be suitable to your needs!

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