16. iSwim Pool Lift

16. iSwim Pool Lift

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November 01, 2017

16. iSwim Pool Lift

The iSwim is a portable pool lift that has been designed to allow users to get into a pool at any location with ease. 


Features include:

  • Portable
  • Anti-Tip and Stabilizing System
  • Lifting Capacity 136kg
  • Emergency Stop Button


Evolution of the iSwim

As you can see there are two options available for the iSwim, the iSwim and the iSwim 2. The iSwim 2 was developed to allow independent swimming pool access for users. Once the lift is positioned the user can make the transfer into the pool completely independently. This is because the base of the iSwim 2 has up to 200 degrees’ rotation as well as a hand held remote, allowing the user to transfer from mobility device at one angle and enter the swimming pool at another, as suitable for the user. The rotation that the iSwim 2 allows is also beneficial for some users who may find it more comfortable to transfer into the pool side ways for safety, giving the iSwim more flexibility of use.

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