01. 2019 National Assistive Transport Conference Recap

01. 2019 National Assistive Transport Conference Recap

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March 30, 2020

Our 2019 National Assistive Transport Conference wrapped up as a massive success! We are extremely grateful to all our speakers, partners and attendees who were present at the event who took the time to immerse themselves further in the world of transport disability, it’s the commitment of these people that makes these types of informative events possible.


The feedback we received let us know that attendees were very impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of our speakers, most notably the keynote presenters who gave very grounded talks on their respective issues:

Belinda O’Conner gave a very engaging talk on the use of Bioptics in driving, a product that allows those with limited optical functionality the ability to legally and safely operate a vehicle.

Shayne Ellis, our represented from Vic Roads, gave a talk on the application of vehicle modifications on our roads and their affect on the disability industry.

Finally we were fortunate enough to have Dr. Lloyd Walker, the director of Assistive Technology at the NDIS give a speech on NDIS funding, applications and the ability to be able to aptly help clients in enhancing their social participation in the community.


Although this NATC was our biggest one to date, we are hoping to ensure the following event will be even more information and engaging than ever before. At this point, the next conference will be held in 2021 which gives us plenty of time to organize an event that is sure to be the highlight of the allied health professional year!

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